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Please Note: Comments posted to the comments area below WILL NOT be approved for display if they contain personally identifiable information such as Telephone Numbers, KIK ID’s, Snap Chat ID’s, Skype ID’s, Yahoo ID’s, Email Addresses, Web Links to Facebook etc.Comment: This may be the dumbest question you have ever received, but I've got to ask...Unless you are gay, and that's okay because you have some crazy genetic disorder or didn't shower with your dad enough when you were a kid or something.Kind of like my younger brother, who when he was a kid hated raisins with a passion and compared all foods he disliked with raisins.And as rumored, the game draws inspiration from Norse mythology.However, Sony Santa Monica once considered a focus on Egyptian mythology for the game.

I think the "bum" is just a slurring of "bumble." I think it's bumblenfbsk to indicate bumbling around, and the nfbsk to indicate nfbsking around, as in, totally lost and out in the middle of nowhere with no idea where you were going. For some silly reason I can't remember, in college, we combined that expression with the name of a lake in South America (Lake Titicaca, and yes, there is such a lake) and came up with our own expression, "bumble-caca-titi-nfbsk", but I don't remember what we used it to mean.Is there an Egyptian city whose name is or resembles "Bumfuk"?My husband, upon return from a deployment into Egypt, swears to me that such a city exists.Imagine my surprise to learn that BFE was the more common useage.Sony unveiled a new God of War during its E3 2016 press conference.

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"Half the team was way into that," Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog said during a round-table interview, as reported by Eurogamer.

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