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I always ended up thinking, 'I could do better than this.' ...I mean, I hated my voice, but I didn't hate it more than I hated everyone else's voice ...I got taken back [in 1977] but they never acknowledged that I was there ...I did three 'A' levels – failed biology miserably, scraped through French and got a 'B' in English.Tolhurst also sang on a cover of "Wild Thing" at Malice's early shows, O'Toole remained Easy Cure's steady front man for several months while the group played the local pub circuit, "building up an enormous local following", and was even the singer on the home demo tapes that landed them their first recording contract with Hansa Records.

He kept a big box of words to which I contributed from time to time (Simon too) and he would use them all for songs.

On one occasion, Smith said that he wore a black velvet dress to Notre Dame and kept it on all day "because the teachers just thought 'oh, it's a phase he's going through, he's got some personality crisis, let's help him through it'." According to Smith "four other kids" beat him up after school, although Jeff Apter notes that Smith has given several conflicting versions of the story.

Apter also reports that Smith put in minimal effort at Notre Dame, sufficient to gain pass marks, and quotes Smith as saying: Smith has claimed that he was expelled from St Wilfrid's as an "undesirable influence" after their band Malice's second live performance shortly before Christmas 1976, which took place at the school and allegedly caused a riot.

Smith began taking classical guitar lessons from the age of nine, "with a student of John Williams, a really excellent guitarist ...

I learned a lot, but got to the point where I was losing the sense of fun.

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