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Do it in conjunction with my other seduction routines and you will have the girl take you back home that very night instead of making you wait several months.

And hey; I just told you about her eyes and lower lip, you can always go exploring in the nape of her neck, the small of her back; you never know.

Let’s study the scenario of a typical first date with a typical woman.

You meet the girl at 6 in the evening in a coffee shop. You are at your charming best, the conversation is going great and you first date sedcution by Mens XP are making her laugh. The first date twilight zone catches most guys off balance. Clearly your goal is to guide her to your bed but the roadmap’s muddled and groping (no pun intended) your way forward is the best you can do. ’ If you are extremely lucky, sex may happen in a month’s time, but as is case with a majority of guys – you will be made to wait for months.

Roaching is essentially when a person keeps their options open then downplays the behavior when confronted.Unless a girl feels ‘sure’ about you, she will tend to avoid the bedroom no matter how badly she herself wants it happen.Through this article I will give you a fool-proof comfort building routine that will take you straight under her radar.Later that evening when you have eaten and are about to leave the restaurant, nonchalantly brush off the imaginary piece of food from her lips. It sub-communicates that you two have known each other for a long time and that’s why you are extremely comfortable around each other. Brushing off dirt involves touching her face AND bringing your face really close to hers. Stimulating the lower lip which has a high concentration of nerve endings will make her body release the arousal hormone ‘oxytocin’ which will make warm up to you even more.By making the Boyfriend-her routine a part of your first date arsenal, you will turn each and every one of your first dates in a certified hit.

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Only when you have been together for months, had sex, had it dozens of times and are totally comfortable around each other would you do something as intimate as brushing off dirt of your girl’s eye. This is your secret psychological weapon that you can use to make a girl feel that she has been with your since ages.

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